Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen

So up until now, DF has been a paragon among men. He has been sensitive and understanding and basically surpassed my hopes.

But tonight, he screwed up. Not big, because after all, I am nothing if not resilient. But still I am taking his “the man” card away.

You see, just yesterday he told me that he was “here for me.”

And yesterday evening we had a wonderful time. It was so wonderful that he declared himself “the man” and I, in my befuddled and confused state, let him take the title.

Well, today I am rescinding it.

I have the absolute worst time asking for help. I will do my best to do it all alone and not bother a soul. I may get moody and brood, but I generally don’t put my things on other people. At least, I try my very best not to.

But I thought I would try. You see twice now I have been asked to be there and be a friend and I have been. I have come, no questions asked, and listened and comforted. I did not ask for anything in return nor did I expect anything.

But today, I was having an off day. So I took a chance and wrote the following:

“Basically, if there are no kids tonight I need some comfort. I tell you to ask me, so now I'm asking you. I don't finish my day until after 9.

Please let me know if I can stop by.”

And he responded by asking if I was okay!!!!

Now you may not think that is not a big deal. But I don’t ask for help. I don’t ask for comfort but I took a chance and did it tonight. And instead of saying I could stop by no questions asked, he asked if I was okay. Now to further add insult to injury, originally he was going out. (Now please understand that this is a man who always does things for other people, so if he was going to go out and be with a friend, I wouldn’t stop him.) But he decided to stay home!

I really don’t care if men and women are different. I don’t care if I seemed needy. I asked for something, a very small something and got a question in response.

And my very childish reaction is to not do it again. I probably won’t for a very long time.

So, DF, I hereby strip you of your “the man” title and you are going to have to work very hard to get it back.

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