Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Experiment

Today is the experiment. Now I know that someone might say that I’m nuts and I should just ask, (and I should,) but I want to see what happens.

I generally send DF like three emails and two texts throughout the day. And if he responds to one, I’m lucky. He says I can send as many as I want and he also says that he reads them as soon as he gets them. But I’m wondering if they bug him and if I don’t send anything, if he’ll notice.

Now, not to be condescending, but he is a man. So I am guessing that this little experiment might have to last longer than one day. Which stinks for me! And what will stink even more is if he doesn’t notice and if really would rather I not send him little thoughts during the day. I’m used to talking to the people in my life several times a day and since he is now an important part of my life….I like to be in contact.

(I do have to applaud myself because I am fairly sure that for the first time today, he was not my first thought. I THINK my first thought was COFFEE and then Pan de Yuca and then DF.)

So I figured that today, I would write all of my little inane comments here that I would normally send and we’ll see how it goes.

Today’s messages would have been:

1. I think you need a website. Maybe you and my cousin could partner on some things…he does sculpture and it would fit in well to your landscape design.

2. Of course you are going to drive on the road trip, that way my hands are free to torment you…. ;)

3. What are we making for dinner tomorrow? (This I get from my father who always asks this question the day before.)

It is now five o’clock and I am sitting on my hands. I’ve been good all day. As a matter of fact, I’ve been damn proud of myself. But now, I’m going a little nuts. No word from DF, (which is not unusual,) but I am doing everything in my power to restrain myself from sending some form of communication. Arrrggghhhh!

And at 5:30 he called. Not because he noticed that I was silent today, but because he needed someone to listen. So my experiment has failed. I didn’t find out anything! But I’m so happy he decided to call…

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