Thursday, November 6, 2014

What a difference....

#NaBloPoMo! I already failed in the first five days. :(

I couldn't get a passport out of Migraineland to write my blog yesterday.  So at some point, I'm going to post an extra blog to make up for missing one.  But not today.

Today is recovery day.  It's kind of like a hangover.  Everything moves slow, but it is moving.

Today, I wake up and there are still the residual aches and pains.  My head and neck still feel "crunchy." (What I mean by that is every time I move/turn my neck and head I can hear creaks and and it feels like things are crunching, much like potato chips.)

Today, I can put on whatever I feel like.  I don't have to check fabrics to make sure that they are not too rough against my skin.  At my last visit to the clinic I was told that this was called Allodyina and pretty common in Migraine patients.

Today, I can also do whatever I like with my hair. I can wear it down because it doesn't hurt when it brushes against my skin.  I can also wear it up in as high a ponytail as I like because it doesn't hurt my head.

Today, I can do some work on the computer.  I can surf for clothes.  Old Navy and Nordie's are having sales!  I can return emails and catch up on what I've missed.

Today, I can have intelligent conversations!  I don't search for words and I don't forget where I'm going or what I'm going to do when I get there.

Today, I am almost normal.  Almost.

Dinah Washington made this song popular in English in 1959. It was originally written in Spanish in 1934.  I know it's a romantic ballad, but I always think of the first stanza when I'm coming back to life.

"What a difference a day made
Twenty four little hours
Brought the sun and the flowers
Where there used to be rain."

-Stanley Adams

Yesterday, "today" was a bad word and now, "today" is not so bad.


  1. I had migraines when I was younger - haven't had one in (knock wood) years now, but I remember the pain so well. I wish you continued healing. Pain or the lack of pain makes such a difference in living. Alana

    1. Thanks, Alana! You're right! And I often don't realize how much the pain is affecting me until I don't have it anymore. Thanks for commenting!

  2. The sweet relief of when a migraine lifts. I understand.

    1. Thanks, Alexandra. I'm doing a trial that's helping alot. Let me know if you want more information.