Sunday, November 16, 2014

Geekette Post: Kindle Voyage

I have an unhealthy love for anything electronic.  I think it all started with my Show n Tell record player...the one that you could put the filmstrip in and it advanced the story in time to the book being read.  Of course, then I got Sister Slegde's "We Are Family," and the whole purpose of the book record player was reappropriated.

Ah...the memories.

Before I get lost down memory lane, I wanted to share my latest electronic love with you: the Kindle Voyage.

Up to now, I have been reading on my tablets (or just normal books from the library.)  I do an insane amount of reading. We're not talking Proust here, we're talking pure mind candy. The Milky Way equivalent of books: lots of fluff with gooey caramel goodness to hold it together and coated in decadent chocolate.

Unfortunately, I think that my reading has also been contributing to my recent upsurge in Migraines. This is how I justified my purchase, by the way.  This is a paperwhite version that is supposed to be easier on the eyes.

So two days ago, a lovely little package arrived in the mail.  Actually, it did not look so lovely at first. It was rather uninpressive and came in a padded envelope.  And it was small. Much smaller than I thought it would be.  So I waited until I had a quiet moment. ( Yes, I really do that.  I got into a huge arguement with Husband one time when he tried to open one of my toys before I could.)  And when the world was still, I sat down to meet my new Kindle.

I have to back up a minute and say, I had a Kindle. It just didn't grab my attention.  I'm a bells and whistles kind of girl and the first Kindles were not snazzy enough for me.  This one is a whole different story.

First of all, the design is beautiful!  It is so light and fits right in my hand.  Did I mention that it's light?  And that it fits in my hand?  It fits right in my hand and my wrist doesn't get tired after reading. Did I also mention that it's backlit?  OMG, BACKLIT!  So much better than trying to manage a book light over my other Kindle.  And then trying to get it in a position where it didn't cause a glare on the page.  And then trying to get it into a position where it didn't glare on Husband's face.  Now, I can adjust the screen to super-dim and still read into the wee hours while he sleeps soundly beside me.

The display is gorgeous, all clean and bright without causing little pinpricks in my head. You can turn the page on the electronic page with a gesture. Or even easier is to press down on the black frame surrounding the display. There is a long line on either side and by simply putting a little pressure down with your thumb you can advance the page.. There is a little haptic feedback that lets you know that the page turned. Above that is a little dot if you need to go back a page.

You can sync the device with Twitter, Goodreads and FB.  I like that it is easier to exchange books with my Kindle Unlimited Account here than on the app for Android.  I also like how small I can make the font and how dim I can make the screen.  Finally, it is supposed to have a phenomenal battery life....I'll have to let you know.

The three things I don't like, and really they are very minor are as follows:

The screen doesn't rotate.  This is feature that I got used to having on the tablet.
There is no haptic feedback on the actual display, so sometimes I advance a page without realizing it.
Those little LED screen lights aren't keeping me awake so I fall asleep faster...less reading time.

See, very minor issues!

So I would recommend this!  Great gift for a geek or geekette who reads alot.  It's like Meghan Trainor!  It has all the right junk in all the right places!

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