Sunday, August 30, 2009

Welcome to the Island, now here are the rules of conduct!

I was talking with a friend, and he pointed out to me that I am an island in the mass of feminism. He said that if I had been born even 30 or 40 years earlier, I wouldn't have such a hard time finding what I wanted.

See, here's the thing....all the feminists have ruined it for me. I want my doors opened, the chairs pulled out and for the man to pay for the meal. In return, I promise to support him, to make sure that when we go out everyone knows I am with him. If it leads to more...I will take care of him. I will cater to him when he gets home, make his meals, make sure he is comfortable. It it goes even further, I will take care of the children, see to it that they are fed and cared for. I will not push them off onto daycare and I will create a stable environment. Hell, I'll even vacuum in high heels if that's what it takes. I'll cook dinner with pearls on and I will look pretty when he walks in the door.

Apparently, that is too much to ask for. I am an island in the sea of feminism and apparently I am the lone survivor.

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  1. Ahhh, you forgot to add, live a life of leisure and no HAVE to work, in exchange for catering to his needs. I believe, like you, every woman wants what you have described. The problem is, do we then lose our identity in pleasing the man? I tend to believe that was the TRUE purpose of the feminist movement.