Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dating in your 30's

So here I am. 30 s0mething. And after living a life that could easily be up for a telenovela, I am trying the whole dating thing.

Tonight, I think men stink!

I read this book and it says that you're supposed to have three guys in the rotation at any you know the book? Anyway I have my three... and they are all great guys.

This is after much trial and error. I have been through my share of funny dates, weird dates, thankfully no scary dates and just awful dates and come to these three men.

Bachelor #1 is a great guy. Handsome and smart. He is funny and we have great conversations and good chemistry.

Bachelor #2 is also a good candidate. A little bit in his own world, talks sometimes just to hear his own voice. But overall a good guy. The chemistry with him is strange. It is comfortable and it builds over the evening. When I first see him, not so much. But as the evening wears is more and more.

Bachelor #3 is the one who takes my breath away. The chemistry is amazing. He is handsome and smart as well. Keeps me interested and leaves me with butterflies in my stomach. And of course, he is the one who hasn't called. Oh he sends these lame texts every day, but a phone call....hah!

So what is it? Why is it the one that you really like...that you could really fall for, is the one who doesn't call?

Why is it the one where the air hums and you can't wait for the day when you can lie in his arms naked and pressed together that seems to not be all that into you?

I know I didn't imagine the he as freaked out as I am? But really, we're in our 30's, we've done this, been WHAT is the problem?

I'm confused, I'm sad tonight and I wish he would call....

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