Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dating age

Well, I know no one is reading this, but I'm back!

After two weeks in bed with pneumonia I am finally functioning again, definitely at reduced capacity, but functioning. I have never been one to just veg and watch TV, but I have discovered that being robbed of all energy is the key to that skill! I have watched more TV in the past two weeks than I have watched in the past two years. I feel somewhat brain dead, but ready to start tackling life once more!

Update on my exciting dating life...

Bachelor #1: Still around. He has moved about a mile away and is asking me for decorating and picture handing ideas. We talk almost every day but I still haven't been won over.

Bachelor #3: Gone for good. This is what I detest about dating. We had two great dates and great conversations and then poof! He disappears. There was no warning, no phone call, nothing, just a vanishing act. This is just rude! I guess that lands him squarely in the jerk category. I'm sorry, but there is such a thing as common courtesy and apparently he lacks it.

Bachelor #4: Still entertaining me with witty repartee. We talk about four or five nights a week online and can go for hours without getting bored.

Bachelor #5 is a new entry into the world of this madness and he seems to be jumping in with both feet. He lives quite a distance away and we met online. He has already put on the table that he is tired of being alone, wants a partner, is willing to move and will come to me when we are ready to meet. We have literally spent 20 hours talking via phone and what is that like, five dates? I am skeptical, but so far we seemed pretty well matched.

Tonight was girls night. There was a group of us talking about all the things that women discuss and of course, but the end of the evening we left our lofty topics and digressed to men, sex, men, dating and men.

One woman in the group said that she thought that every relationship that you have reduces your dating age. For example, say that you date someone seriously for seven years and then you break up. You were 21 when you started and 28 by the time you ended things; however, your current dating age is 21. So if you take that into account, is my dating age 30? Is that why I'm generally attracted to younger men?

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