Thursday, August 27, 2009

It it fall already?

Let me start by saying that it is August and I am wearing a winter sweatsuit and socks. We had 1.5 weeks of really hot weather here and's fall! What in the world is going on? If this is global warming....where's the warming part?

Next, let me fully admit to being pitiful. Bachelor #3 called this morning and I took the advice of several people and just point blank asked him what was going on. Long story short, he said that while this period has been really difficult for him, he would like to pursue something with me and if I can be patient until mid September, things should get back to normal. So, I took a chance and I came out the winner! Woo-Hoo!

I'm still feeling somewhat unsettled. The mundane issues of life are pounding on my door and while I have to resolve them today; do or die, I just keep wanting to put them off. But I will prevail....I just need to tamp down on my inner jitters...okay let me tangent for a minute...Do you ever get those? Where you feel jumpy and you can't sit still, even though you know you should? Like all the deep breathes in the world only work for that exact second? And then there you are....feeling like you could run, sit, walk and jump all at the same time? Well that is the feeling today. I need to focus and I just can't seem to manage it.

And on the final note...I'm going to study today...I have a two-pronged focus. One is the Qu'ran. It is Ramadan and I figure why not? I have finished two Surats (chapters) and maybe I will undertake a third today. At the other end are the dating books. I intend to make a set of standards, a sort of moral compass to help me navigate these nefarious dating waters. Everyone tells me I am a great person. That I have much to offer someone, so I am going to uphold my standards and look for someone who has much to offer me. I am going to do my best to not make excuses for people or to accept less than I deserve.

Because I deserve the very best!

(What commercial is that?)

Oh and last, but not least, to date I have lost 71 pounds!

Now if I could just settle into my day and enjoy it for the great day it is.

Is it mid-September? In other words, is it fall yet?

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