Sunday, March 21, 2010

Are we confused?

Okay, so I was dating this guy....three or four dates over the course of a couple months, lots of phone calls and emails. I don't know, but I thought things were going along well. There were flowers and gifts and dinners and movies. It all seemed like a good thing. Nice chemistry and similar values. Sounds promising right?

And then he disappeared.

Out of the blue and after a night of anticipation about what might happen on the next date, he just vanished.

Honestly, I wasn't too heartbroken since it took me a week to realize that we hadn't talked. But then I began to wonder what happened. And then I brushed it off. No big deal, there are other fish in the sea.

So after a couple of weeks I get a phone call out of the blue. And it's him. He's friendly and apologizes, telling me that he's been out of the country and busy working and blah blah blah. Finally, he gets to the point and tells me that he's not ready for anything serious but that he things I'm a great girl and more blah blah blah. He asks if we can be friends and I said that would be great but that I don't kiss my friends. The call ended on a very amicable note and he said he might be in town in a couple of days and did I want to get together? I told him that would nice and to let me know.

The next night he pops up online and we start chatting. Long story short, even though he just told me that he didn't want a commitment, even though we have already established that I'm not promiscuous, he still thinks that he can come into town and maybe get a little play.


It turns out that he was not coming into town for work, but specifically coming in to get lucky! I don't think I could be any clearer than "don't expect me to kiss you if we're just friends." Apparently that is code for, "Sure, I'll have sex with you."

Who knew?

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