Friday, October 16, 2009

Lazy Blogger... :)

Okay, so I have been busy, lazy, unattentive...whatever you want to call it. Basically I haven't been writing. So to all my witty followers, I apologize. (That would be all of one of you!)


Bachelor #1: I tried. Really! But Mr. Glass Half Empty is not in for the long haul. Actually, maybe he would be. But there was just a lack of chemistry on my end....Que Sera Sera.

Bachelor #4: is located in a different time zone, and ever since I got pneumonia earlier this year, I just can stay up as last to chat. I miss you B4!

Bachelor #5: He was definitely hiding something; a wife, a girlfriend; who knows? Anyhoo, he disappeared faster than (insert some southern sounding thing that makes you laugh.) Haven't heard boo from him and I don't expect to.


Bachelor #6: Is a younger man. He makes me smile because he is so earnest and says the best things. Things like, "How do you eat all that and stay so slim?" or "Doesn't he know that a good wife is a gift?" I like this one. But again, I'm not head over heels...but we'll see....I'm not ruling him out.

Bachelors #7, #8, #9 and #10 are too new to write about. There are conversations but I haven't met any of them yet and we are just in the flirting stages...We shall see.

A friend of mine said that she would buy me a subscription to Match for my birthday....I may just take her up on it.

So I guess when all is said and done, I've been busy!

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