Friday, October 16, 2009

Mini blog...

The opening line was:

" how was your day"

The reply after reading his profile was:

" Hello;

I appreciate the email and I read your profile...but I am so not a country girl. I do airplanes and sidewalks and you seem to enjoy the land and the fresh air....if I'm wrong, let me know...but after reading what you've got up I think maybe we're not suited.

Best of luck to you"

The reply from the guy was:

"no you are wrong but i have a big pet peave with assumptions no where on my profile does it say that you girls on here are rediculous your looking for something that doesnt exist im sick of these games!!!!!!!!!!"

and my reply was:

" You have your home in the country....which means you choose to live there and I don't.

I think that you are rude. I was polite enough to respond which is more than alot of people do on here.

Please don't contact me again."

Am I going crazy or what?

1 comment:

  1. It's guys like these who give internet dating a bad name.