Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm a star! I have follower!

So I signed on today to see that I have one follower! Woo-Hoo! That is exciting...

I know I probably won't ever have any more....but since this is more cathartic than anything else, that's okay.


Bachelor #1: Still in the game. We spent a full twenty-four hours together. And apparently I snore loud enough to wake the dead. (Thanks, Dad, for those genes.) I had a great time and get your minds out of the gutter because that did not happen! It was so nice to just be with someone. Do dumb things like go to Target and Home Depot together...He is growing on me....

Bachelor #4 is still making me smile. He is a wonderful combination of witty and sensitive and keeps me on my toes yet understands when I'm too tired to parry very well.

Bachelor #5 is full of you-know-what. We finally talked on Friday and after I apologized for jumping the gun and was all contrite. He was all, "I'm sorry and I'll call you..." and NOTHING. Not one call this weekend. I'm just shaking my head wondering why he even bothered. He was hiding online today and I just ended up deleting his info once and for all....what a twit!

There is no Bachelor #6 on the horizon...don't get me wrong...there are plenty of men calling, but I just don't see one that is worthy of the title, or the brain power at this moment.

So I'm going on a trip this weekend...and I'm thinking that I should be bad. I should be enlightened and sleep with some random guy and get over myself...I should go to a bar and be the sexiest self I can be and just hook up....


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