Monday, November 2, 2015

I Love Fall

I love Fall.  When I say love, I mean love, love, LOVE Fall. I'm not sure if it's the leaves changing color or the crisp air that almost smells like snow.

Maybe it's that I can break out all my sweaters or maybe that it's sweatshirt weather in the morning and I can enjoy my coffee all wrapped up.  It could be daylight savings.  I like that extra hour of dark in the morning. (I know, I know, I'm the only one.) Whatever it is, I L.O.V.E. Fall.

And in the Fall, my mindset changes.  I think I'm a better parent.  A better parent in the June Cleaver kind of way.

I'm super involved with my kids and their activities at school.  I was geeky excited to join the PTO and this Wed I'm participating in my first official bake sale!  Not my first.  My first OFFICIAL bake sale.  As in, I'm a member of the crazy mamas of the PTO and I'm in the bake sale...Get it?

I'm helping plan the senior party.  Which I just learned is like a wedding with no bride and groom. The budget is astronomical and I'm not even exaggerating.

I'm meal planning and making mini quiches so that the kids start with protein instead of starch.  I make sure I'm home when they get here so they can tell me all about their days. I buy a balance of nutritional and junk snacks so that they can pick and choose.  And when the junk is gone, they are stuck with the nutrition.

I know that Spring is supposed to be rebirth, but all it means to me are nasty allergies.  Summer is hot and sticky and it stands for boob sweat and mosquitoes.

But Fall is the most awesomest time of the year. I can sleep with the window open at night and huddle under heavy covers with my nose all cold and peaking out to breathe.  I feel like with that muggy, summer air gone I can clear the cobwebs and think.  I can take stock of what's important and concentrate on family and friends. Maybe the reason I love Fall so much is that it's actually about letting go. I'm letting go of all the expectations from before, I'm letting go of the little girl who is turning into a young lady and I'm letting go the the boy that will soon legally be a man.  I'm letting go so I can make room for all the good things to come.  Fall is about dying, but sometimes you have to let dreams die so that you can make room for new ones.

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