Friday, November 6, 2015

Day One SWDYouth

Just to let you know,  this is going to be short.
I missed last night's post because I had to get up for a two AM conference call.
Today,  it's almost two AM and I know I'm running on fumes.
This was the first day of Startup Weekend Detroit's Youth(#swdyouth) program. It went really well. We got kids from all over and even a family that flew in from Minnesota!

The kids began arriving at 3:30 PM on the dot and didn't stop until 7:00 PM. They came with all sorts of reactions: mad,  anxious,  nervous,  happy and some with a chip on their shoulder. 
By the end of day one,  they all seemed to be on the same page. 
They're excited to come up with an idea.  Excited to dream.  Excited to know that they have the power to execute that dream.  And,  I'm sure, that the prizes have no role in adding to that excitement
I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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