Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Too Many Bachelors?

Let me tell you about the men in my life....not the bachelors, but the men. Since these men precede the bachelor rating system, let's go with letters.

There is Bachelor A, B and C. I have known A and B forever. There is always this chemistry, always this attraction but for one reason or another we have never "gone all the way." These are both long stories that can be drawn out, but I'll save the telling for another day. The long and the short of it is that Bachelor B is going to get a divorce. We have known each other for 17 years and have always had this zinging attraction. And I'm scared. Scared to find out what it could be like without all of the other stuff in the way. And then I realized, that if fate plays out like it seems to do with these men, I shouldn't worry. I shouldn't worry because by the time the divorce goes through I'll probably be with someone else....since that seems to be the story of our ships passing in the night.

Bachelor C is another case all together....and for another night.

Let's revisit Bachelor #1 for a minute....

I thought that he was just your average guy and it turns out that he is slimy! He has been involved in some unethical dealings for quite some time. Finding this out, (he told me, I didn't go snooping,) makes me question all the other things that he has told me before.....

Bachlor #4 and are are still talking away...things are cooling off simply due to schedules and time changes, but he holds a soft spot in my heart.

Bachelor #6 has not bit the dust yet...I'm just wishing that chemistry would spark....I know I have to bite the bullet and tell him....but WHYYYYYY? Why can't it work out?

Bachelor #8 has been MIA lately...but that's okay. He is nice, but I'm not holding my breath.

Bachelor #9 who is not so gone....misses me and our talks. Jackass!

Bachelor #10 and I have been talking tons. I have deduced that he is not single yet. I told him to either marry her or get rid of her and that we should set a date to meet in February if he does give her the boot.

Bachelor #11 and I are still playing tag. This is going to go on indefinitely at this rate!

Bachelor #12 asked if I ever made it over his way. HA! Seriously!?!?!?

AND THERE ARE MORE! but not worth mentioning yet....

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