Thursday, November 5, 2009

Casual Conversations

OMG! Yesterday was the day from hell! First of all, Aunt Flo is in town so I started my morning crying because I was so touched that Tracy Turnblad made onto the Corny Collins show.... Then I got started late because of all that Spic and Camel blood in me and I thought I was doing well on time but I actually wasn't. By the time I got to the work portion of my day it was 1:00 PM and I should have known that I wouldn't be able to finish everything. I think this is a curse of being perennially optimistic, but oh well. So it all starts to go wrong when I get an estimate on my brakes. As the car is coming off the hoist, I hear a strange crunching sound that can't be good. The jackasses at the shop don't say a word thinking the dumb woman wouldn't know....and I didn't say anything either until I'm driving down Ford Rd. in rush hour traffic and my bumper flies off. So after I circle back and dodge a car or two in oncoming traffic to retrieve it, I called and casually reminded them of the incident. There is a sudden silence coming from the other end. I take advantage of the break in conversation to bring up the fact that I am now sans bumper. So they tell me to come back in and they'll fix it and I feel like telling him he should have fixed it when he broke it, but WHATEVER.

Then Bachelor #6 calls while I'm driving to class. He starts talking and he asks me how long we've been dating. Now right there, I take exception to the word. See we haven't really been dating....we have been hanging out. A date consists of the man picking you up, taking you somewhere and then escorting you home. None of that has occurred. So in my mind, we haven't really been dating. But B#6 thinks we have. Anyhoo, I say that I don't remember when we had our first date (BECAUSE WE HAVEN'T HAD ONE!) and say that we have been talking since late August early September. He comments, "So about two months." And I agree. And then he casually says, "So, are we exclusive?" and I am so speechless that he actually asks me if I am still on the phone! I am still floored. How do I explain that the the activity to date does not merit exclusivity without hurting feelings? Well, my dear reader(s), we all know the answer to this question. Hell no, we are not exclusive! But maybe I need a little more finesse when actually discussing this with B#6.

Finally, the Ex calls and has the balls to oh so casually ask me if I didn't like it when he was just a wee bit too forward. Well, leave it to Aunt Flo! Because I lost my cool and not so casually told him in no uncertain terms that if he mistook my anger for passion he was sorely mistaken. And, that if he thought talking about the great times we used to have in bed (which I am now beginning to think were not really so great) was his version of romance he might as well turn around and start walking in the other direction.

So after this day, it is either cry or casually take myself to the gas station to buy the contraband that I know I shouldn't have...

Bachelor Update:

Bachelor's 1-3,5,7,9 are all gone.

Bachlor #4 didn't show up for our date tonight online. :(

Bachelor #6 is starting to panic. I told him this week was bad for plans. He called today and asked if we could get together and I told him only if it was after 9:00 and a study date. Then he asked about every day this weekend....What is so hard to understand about this blanket statement that this week is bad for making plans?

Bachelor #8 is still overseas but we talk at least once a week.

Bachelor #9 (who is now gone,) pissed me off royally the other day. I was really beginning to like him and then he happens to mention that he is still in love with his ex. Excuse ME!?!?!

Bachelor #10 is missing me a little. I haven't been online and I also made it clear that if he's not going to make a move, I'm not waiting around.

Bachelor #11 and I are still playing tag. Now we're aiming for Monday since my weekend is shot and next weekend he won't be here.

Bachelor #12 did finally ask for the number, but he has yet to use it. MEN!

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