Sunday, March 16, 2014



I haven't written a blog in a Looooonnnng time. At least not a personal one. A lot has changed...I'll give you the short story: 

1. DF became DH (see above)

2. No more smoking 

3. I am still "well-nourished." (I'd say fat, but that has negative connotations and I gave up negative self-talk for Lent.) 

4. I have anywhere from 2-7 kids during the school year and 2-9 in the summer and none of them are biologically mine. 

5. Overall, I'm really, really happy 

I'm back. The truth of why I'm back is because I need a place to sort it all out. And even though I'm not going to be famous and have tons of followers, maybe one or two things I write here will help someone. So why not? I'm a relatively smart, yet quirky girl... 

Today's inspiration is that I'm finally "getting it." See, for several years now, I've been hearing about how "You" have to build a community...and in relation to what I am doing (coffee) my eyebrows would knit together and I would give "You," (think of "You" as a generic term right now, like the ubiquitous "They") a very confused look. "You mean customers, right?" You would respond, "Well sort of...more like a community of customers." 

I have always been a direction-reader and after the directions, I jumped in with both feet to figure it out. Except this one took me awhile. Only today, while I was writing an introduction for a new group did I realize that I was using this term community and really understanding it for the first time. I also think that I finally have defined it for myself in a way that is meaningful and relevant to what I am doing. I also realized that I am interested in creating three communities that may overlap, but are all equally as strong. 

Now I feel like I know where I'm heading but I still have things I want to discuss and meander over in my head. That is what has prompted me to come back here. I feel like this next step is really important and that I need to share it. Maybe it's only just me and cyberspace, but at least I am sharing.... 

So stay tuned. I promise I'll be playing this show for awhile.

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  1. OoooOoooh. You just showed up in my reader.


    Welcome back!